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Hot Chocolate Hits the Spot on Cool October Evening

October 9, 2001

Picture of Hot Chocolate in a To-Go Cup Hi everyone. Well, after work I went walking to get something good to drink at Spice of Life Café. I thought I would get a nice, warm decaf coffee, but once I arrived I chose a large hot chocolate with whipped cream. It was so good! :)

Is that a great picture or what? The chocolate was rich and the whipped cream was just enough to give the drink a little pizzazz, if a hot chocolate could ever be labeled as such. Best of all, the drink was really hot - a definite plus on a rather cool October evening.

I still spend a lot of time in that café. This past weekend I met and conversed with a local hero named Rick who also frequents the shop. Rick has continually fought for the cause of open space and environmental sanity in our community. And tonight one of the guys that runs the Manitou Photography place was there - a real friendly guy.

Yummy hot chocolate at Spice of LifeAnyhow, there's lots of good people I could mention. That's Mike, one of the owners of the café, shooting whipped cream into my hot chocolate. He looks really serious in that picture, doesn't he? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee ha!

So that's that. Later on I came home and posted the pictures from yesterday's fun drive with up Ute Pass. It was so good to see her. Recently, I have been feeling a little bad about how I might be using people on my web site. The whole hair consultant drama, or "sub-plot" as I call it, might be getting a little out of hand. Ah well.

Steve GarufiThat's a picture of me sipping on my hot chocolate. Yummy yummy yummy!

Alright everyone, have a good day! And I am going to plug this again: CLICK HERE to watch the movie that I (and many others) worked so hard at making this spring in Bakersfield, California!

Love, Steve :)

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