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Procrastination CRUSHED; Christmas Cards Sent in October

October 13, 2001

Christmas Card to Grandma MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Procrastination has been conquered!

Steve Garufi boggled the minds of locals in his Manitou Springs community when he announced the completion of filling out of his Christmas cards today on October 13, the earliest date known in human history. There are still 73 days remaining before Christmas Day.

Steve completed his Christmas cards today and was lauded for his amazing speed. According to friends, the owner of this web site wanted to "squash all forms of procrastination" and was glad he got a large jump on Christmas season activities.

Erica P., who seemed very unimpressed with Steve's "shenanigans" in a previous article, was just as direct with Steve while Steve wrote inside Christmas cards at a local cafe in Manitou Springs.

"You're doing your Christmas cards today? But it's October ... that is so bizarre." blurted Putnam, in disbelief.

Christmas Card to GrandmaSipping a mocha at the popular Manitou Springs coffee shop, Garufi filled out Christmas cards that had a snowy winter scene with a lighted home in the forefront.

Christmas Card to GrandmaThe total number of Christmas cards he finished and plans to send is three. Two were individually written to his grandmothers living in New York City and New Jersey. The third was written to Camille L., his neighbor from his childhood home in New Jersey, who was randomly selected in Steve's address book. Sherri, the cafe worker well-known for her passive aggression battle with Steve during the summer, was given responsiblity for choosing who would receive the third and final Christmas card.

"I wrote two cards out to my grandmothers, and then I just gave the address book to Sherri and asked her to pick someone randomly." explained Steve, "I told her to follow her heart and give me a name."

"Who is Patrick Murphy?! That was one of the guys from the Texas 7! …Well my gutt tells me (the card goes) to Camille." Sherri said, pointing to her name in the book.

According to Steve, the cards have been fully signed, sealed and are ready to be mailed first thing on Monday. Next on his agenda is placing a Christmas tree in his living room before October 31.

NOTE: I sent my Christmas cards even sooner in 2003. Click here to read more!

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