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Pictures of Steve's COFFEE CUP Collection! (January 2002)

Coffee Cups Hi everyone. So I am sitting in my apartment this afternoon and I am still battling a rather nasty head cold. Anyhow, I thought today would be a good time to show off my COFFEE CUP collection! :)

Everytime I go out and buy a coffee, I hold onto the container and add it to my collection. Right now I have 28, yes 28, coffee containers! Oh, but this is just the beginning, I plan to have hundreds, even thousands of these coffee cup wonders! Yeehaw!

For awhile I had them sitting on the bookcase in my living room, but today I moved them to the kitchen, where they are happily sitting beside and on top of my microwave. I love collecting things, don't you? :)

By the way, for the record, I enjoy my coffee with cream but no sugar.

Coffee CupsAs you can see, I do drink from a variety of coffee sources. I think my favorite coffee is served at Breadheads, which is in the space of the old Manitou Bakery. By far, the place I most enjoy hanging out in is the Spice of Life Cafe, also located in Manitou Springs.

Sometimes I even enjoy the "gas station cappucinos" because they are so cheap. They usually taste pretty good and are loaded in caffeine, which usually helps keep me alert when I do my weekly drive up to northern Colorado. I do visit corporate place likes Starbucks on rare occasions, but only when meeting at a local shop would be highly inconvenient.

Alright, so there they are, all my coffee cups! You may notice the one beer bottle in the collection, which is a Fat Tire microbrew that I drank at an October art show at the Manitou Springs Center for Photography. I do not drink much beer for good reasons, but I suppose I will slowly collect the beers containers that I use. :)

Tonight I am meeting my friend Tamara at a coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs. Afterwards, we will be going to the Thursday night Bible Study that I go to. Should be a lot of fun!

Enough said. Have a great day and drink coffee! :)

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Please share whatever thoughts you have about my coffee cup collection or how you like your coffee on my:


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