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Drinking Cups, Dirty Plates and "Old Coffee" Dominate Steve's Desk!

(Steve Messiness and Hoarding of Workplace Cups Confronted By Co-Workers!)

March 21, 2005

NEAR MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Yikes! Steve has a really messy desk!

Used drinking cups, dirty plates and paper cups containing "old coffee" dominated the landscape of the work desk of Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, as seen by the adjacent photo (right).

Co-workers recently noticed the conspicuous "collection" of kitchenware in his office and confronted Steve on his hoarding of the cups, which are used by the non-profit organization to feed nearly 100 young people three times per day.

"The kids are suffering because of what you're doing (with hoarding the cups). I just want you to know that." said Sarah H., a social worker who works with Steve, "Have you noticed how some tables with settings don't have cups? It's because of you."

"Sarah always has an nosey opinion about something. I'm tired of her crap." snapped Steve, who recently passed out inappropriate Valentine's Day hearts to co-workers last month.

According to Steve, the cups with "old coffee" (left photo) come from his morning routine of drinking workplace coffee and leaving the remaining cups on his desk. The large amount of plastic cups, he explained, is generated from him drinking orange juice in the cafeteria and walking with them to his office. As for the dirty plates, Steve claimed he occasionally fills a plate with cafeteria food and eats in his office, where he is apparently "too lazy" to return the plates. (The remains of the plates in the above photo were sauce from chicken parmesan he enjoyed last week.)

"So do you gross out people you're counseling when they see all that junk on your desk?" asked B.R., a co-worker who wished to remain anonymous.

Under the pressure of co-workers and motived by guilt, Steve agreed to bring down all of the workplace kitchenware he had "collected" in the past few weeks.

"It's probably best that I do this." explained Steve, "I thought the kitchen staff would be really mad at me, but they weren't."

Steve has been involved in numerous workplace incidents that have been covered on this web site. Besides passing out Valentine's Day hearts, a past co-worker once gave Steve a bottle of menstrual pills for his ever-shifting moods in the office. Additionally, a contentious argument arose over the naming a new copier in 2003 and Steve witnessed a copy machine break Lou Gehrig's consecutive record while a graduate student in 2001.

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