Steve Gets Rid of Coffee Cups, Tosses Collection in Garbage!

Steve Tosses Coffee Cup Collection in Garbage!

March 19, 2002

Bye bye coffee cups Hi everyone. Well, as you probably already read in the headline, I tossed my coffee cup collection in the garbage last night. In my heart, I knew it was time!

Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning my kitchen and after going through all my dirty dishes (a grubby-looking array of dirty plates, glasses and silverware that was definitely worse than the October mess), I looked over at the cluttered pile of coffee cups placed around the microwave. In an instant, I decided they needed to go!

Now I am sure some of you are quite happy about this recent action and frankly, I am pleased too. The job hunt has gotten me a little more introspective about my life and I am becoming more sensitive to things that are cluttering up my life, both physically and spiritually.

Garbage bag containing coffee cupsAlso, I have good reason to believe mold was growing inside some of the cups and that's a sanitary issue right there. Oh, directly to the right is a picture of the garbage bag that contains all the coffee cups. Notice the old hardwood floor in the kitchen ... I LOVE IT!

In closing, thank you for all your support as I embarked upon a new hobby, the fun of collecting cups and coffee containers that I drank from. The total came out to 48 cups. Woo-hoo!

Now does anyone have a new idea for my next online hobby? What should I collect next? :)

Love, Steve :)

P.S. Today is the birthday of my younger brother Mark. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!

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