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Hair Consultant Alissa Is a No-Show At Barbeque

(Absent Leader Labeled a "DEAD BEAT" Hair Consultant)

August 23, 2003

Hair Consultant BLOWS OFF Web Site Barbeque FALCON, CO -- Hair Consultant Alissa "AlamosaGirl" was a no-show at last week's first annual ColoradoGuy Lazy Hazy Summer Barbeque, and an empty chair was placed to symbolically represent her decision to shun the ColoradoGuy community.

Regrettably, many are beginning to take notice of Alissa's apathetic attitude towards Steve's long hair and some have begun publically sharing their disappointment with her.

One With Tao Voices Disappointment"It's really disappointing that she's not here. Wouldn't she have wanted to have spent time with us?" stated Ben Paulson, known as One With Tao on the forums, who traveled all the way from Wisconsin to attend the web site function.

"Where in the world has your "deadbeat" hair consultant been anyway?!!!" exclaimed Christine (known as Toteco) who hosted the barbeque at her home in Falcon, Colorado.

Some have speculated that Alissa may be spending all of her free time with her sorry boyfriend in Monte Vista, but records indicate that she has at least made time to go online. An indicator at a popular singles web site (that Steve originally referred her to) showed she visited this web site on August 14 and 21, which shatters the argument that she's been "too sick" or "too busy" as an excuse. Critics have contended that if she has regularly visits a singles' web site, shouldn't she make time to say "hi" to Steve and his friends?

Steve eats brownie at barbeque "What that tells me is she doesn't care about the people on this web site or my hair!" Steve angrily replied as he ate his food.

Since winning the Hair Consultant election against two other candidates in April 2003, Alissa "AlamosaGirl" has been noticably absent from the message forums that she frequently visited during the campaign in March and April. Even more disturbing, Steve has had no communication with her for over one month.

Alissa shakes a voter's hand, being the phony politician that she is!"This girl sounds like she sucks." stated "ElfChild", a ColoradoGuy regular in Manitou Springs, "Those Hair Consultants - they're just like politicians. It's funny how during the election, they're nice and sweet, but once they get in, they're gone and they ignore you."

Based on newly-formed rules that were created because of Steve's propensity to fire and hire Hair Consultants in a revolving door fashion, Steve is disallowed from firing his Hair Consultant before Labor Day, and Hair Consultants may not resign before the same date. While Steve attempted to appear diplomatic, his disapproval of his "deadbeat" Hair Consultant was apparent.

"I'm not commenting (on whether to fire Alissa), but maybe her opponents in the election were right about her being a do-nothing Hair Consultant! The sad thing is, my long hair gets left behind in all this."

Pictures from the ColoradoGuy Lazy Hazy Summer Barbeque!
August 16, 2003
Special thanks to Toteco who hosted the barbeque at her home in Falcon!

The guest of honor was clearly One With Tao, who regularly posts on the Politics and Religion forums!

In contrast, I'm sure you've read all about my Hair Consultant no-showing!
Mission Specialist and Eva!
Me, eating a yummy brownie! :)
My mama and papa were in town to enjoy the festivities!
Eva and Drey!
That's some of the food I ate!
Mission Specialist eats cream pie and Cheryl gives a snooty look.
Pikes Peak Denise was also a no-show, so we wanted to rub in the fact that she missed out on Toteco's DELICIOUS BROWNIES! :)


Not included in the pictures are Toteco and myself.

Share your thoughts about the barbeque or how Hair Consultant Alissa "showed up" the ColoradoGuy community on my:


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