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Melted Floppy Disk Accepted as Payment at Local Café

August 4, 2001

Spice of Life MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- A badly deformed floppy disk was offered and accepted as currency on Saturday at Spice of Life, a local Manitou Springs café that Steve Garufi frequently visits.

The floppy disk, which had melted after weeks of intense sun exposure on the dashboard of Garufi's Honda CRX, satisfied the $2.63 charge which consisted of a large coffee and blueberry muffin - Steve's usual order.

"I didn't have any money so I thought, 'What the heck, maybe they'll take the melted floppy disk in my backpack." explained Steve with laughter, "I couldn't believe I got away with it."

Wanda Caltin, the café worker who decided to take the melted floppy disk as payment, was unavailable for comment.

Another spice of life picture"You mean Wanda actually took that instead of money?" uttered Sherrie A., "I can't believe it. What was she thinking?"

Steve, who is well-known for not carrying much cash on his person, claimed this was the first incident where he boldly offered a useless object as payment to a merchant.

"Now that's enrollment, Steve. I'm in awe of what you did..." said Tanya Morton, who was impressed with Steve's ingenuity, "...that is so cool!"

"What's funny is I thought people at the café would be mad or jealous that I did it and they probably won't get away with it, but instead people are really amazed." said Steve.

According to a source requesting anonymity, the owners of the shop are unaware of the so-called "floppy disk transaction" on Saturday.

With this new precedent, it remains to be seen whether others will attempt to pay by offering other worthless objects such as empty soap dispensers, old tennis balls and broken crayons, to name a few.

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