Boki Calls Her a "Do-Nothing Hair Consultant"

September 13, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- The honeymoon is over for Hair Consultant Donna Ward.

At a press conference yesterday at Spice of Life Café in Manitou Springs, Boki Evans publicly blasted Donna Ward when he labeled her a "Do-Nothing Hair Consultant" and criticized her for doing so little for Steve's hair during her term in office.

"Has Donna done anything tangible or relevant since becoming Hair Consultant (in April)?" asked Boki, "The truth is, she hasn't. She's a Do-Nothing Hair Consultant, that's what she is."

Boki, who narrowly lost to Donna in the April 2002 election, was very forthcoming in his criticism of Ward. "I'm just asking for information. What has she done since being elected? ... Besides giving Steve food that's unhealthy, she's done nothing else. It's a travesty to me."

Visiting family in Bolivia, Donna was not available for comment.

A case could be made that Donna has not done much during her term. In fact, according to Steve, Donna has rarely given advice about his hair and Steve has sought out other friends to receive the TLC that his hair deserves. In June, local friend Erica Putnam washed his hair with high quality conditioner. Other friends like Jae S. combed out his hair to see how long it was and assessed split-end damage. Also, in late July, his friend Marie (known as Dances With Butterflies on the Friendship Board) generously gave free samples of natural shampoo and conditioner.

Donna's laid back approach is beginning to wear on the patience of the ColoradoGuy community and some Manitou locals are beginning to question her overall competence as Hair Consultant.

Erica Putnam complained, "Your hair looks so dry. What is your Hair Consultant doing? You need someone to hold you a lot more accountable with your hair, Steve."

The position of Hair Consultant was created in 1998 to help Steve have one "go-to person" who would help him grow his hair as quickly as possible along with assisting in whatever issues arise with taking care of his long, naturally curly hair. Since then, Steve has had nine Hair Consultants, and only two have finished their terms without being fired.

"All I've ever wanted is someone to help me grow my hair long and do the right things so it looks good. Is that too much to ask?" said Steve, who wore his hair in an abysmal-looking pony tail.

"It's premature to say I'll fire Donna, but I'm not happy. That's for sure."

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