Five Women Were "All Over Him" in Dream!

November 1, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - A local Mantiou Springs woman reported having a dream about Steve in which five women were "all over" him as he walked along Manitou Avenue.

Karen, a regular at Spice of Life Café and friend of Steve, excitedly explained the dream to Steve the very next morning, when Steve entered his local morning hangout.

"They were definitely digging you are were all over you." explained Karen, who denied having any romantic attraction to Steve during the dream. "I remember thinking, 'Wow! Look at all the babes on Steve's side.'"

As the news of Karen's dream spread to others, many congratulated and encouraged Steve, especially in view of his woeful dating life.

"Hey, (the dream) could mean it's going to happen in real life." said Rich "Pony66" Harland, who struggled all morning with a difficult crossword puzzle.

As for Steve, the Internet artist was overjoyed and relished in the good news.

"Wow! I just feel so honored to know that a cutie like Karen dreamed about me." commented Steve, "It's just such a shame that I didn't have that dream myself."

In the meantime, Karen agreed to be take note of any other dreams she has involving Steve and will promptly report directly to him.

This past summer, Karen was first photographed on this web site when Steve's Mom gave her a large package of pitzels, her favorite Italian pastry, that Steve's Mom baked in New Jersey and brought along with her as she flew to Colorado for vacation.

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