Three Dred Locks Removed From Steve's Hair

August 13, 2001

Dred Locks, YUCK! MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- It was a "dred-ful" evening for Steve.

Three hideous dred locks were found and removed from Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's hair this weekend in a gripping, nearly hysterical stage of events in his Manitou Springs home.

"I felt these disgusting clumps back there and I knew something was wrong." reflected Steve, looking down.

Steve immediately attempted to contact his hair consultant, Dawnn, who did not answer her cellular phone. In an interesting stroke of irony, the distraught Garufi contacted Donna Ward by phone, the second place finisher in the Hair Consultant election, who graciously invited Steve to her house to investigate the dred locks and feed him salmon for dinner.

Dred Locks, YUCK!"Oh Steve, you've got dred locks back here." said Donna Ward, just a few moments after inspecting Steve's hair, "It looks like you've got three of 'em there. Are you combing your hair out everyday?"

The dred locks were located in the very bottom of Steve's hair, hiding behind the outer layer of hair behind his neck.

Many are arguing Steve's hair problems are related to his choice of wearing a pony tail at his counseling internship. He has been continually warned about the risks of hair damage when his long, naturally curly hair is compressed in a tight pony tail.

"Look, I don't like the pony tail myself. It's just something I need to do for work. I never wear a pony tail when I'm not working." explained Steve.

With hair consultant Dawnn "not around much" as Steve described, Steve has occasionally sought hair advice from local Manitou Springs neighbor Donna Ward, and also a large number of cyber-friends at, a web site dedicated to long hair care and culture.

Dred Locks, YUCK!A woman known as TeacherBear wrote, "Steve…it looks like you left your hair in (a pony tail) for 4 days … I may be totally wrong, but in my experience with my wavy hair, I have to take my hair out of the braid or pony tail at least once a day and re-do it or else I end up with hair knotted to the tie (like on my lazy weekends)."

Another "regular" named CurlySmurf chimed in with advice, "it sounds like you just haven't found the right routine for your hair yet. If I were you I would find a good detangling comb and work with different conditioners."

After the "dred-ed" incident, Steve has committed himself to conditioning and combing out his hair in the shower every day, no matter what.

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