Lisa Anderson eats a icky-looking burrito!

Would You Eat This Icky-Looking Burrito?

January 20, 2002

That looks so icky. I can't believe Lisa ate that! Hi everyone. I was visiting Lisa and Jae in Manitou Springs when Lisa pulled out this icky-looking burrito from the refrigerator. Tell me, would you actually eat that? It just looks so icky-looking!

After watching in astonishment as she prepared her burrito, Lisa revealed the ingridients: sprouts, parsley, cucumbers, sweet pickel relish, salsa and cheese. YIKES! Go ahead and click on either picture to get a close-up of Lisa's burrito!

Well, I guess I am more of a meat eater. I will take my meat and potatoes any day and I'll be happy! Give me my steak, buffalo and chicken. Heck, I'll even go with Mexican food or fast foods once in awhile. Oh! Lastly, I must mention yummy breakfast foods as one of my favorites! :) I guess I am not much of a vegetable eater, and that's not good for my body. :(

Close up picture of the icky-looking burrito!By the way, Lisa is the young woman who has gone hiking with me recently at Catamount Trail and Barr Trail. Lisa's roommate Jae refuses to allow any pictures of her on my web site, just like my sister-in-law in New York. At least she went hiking with me this weekend in Garden of the Gods.

So there's another picture, a close-up, of the wrapped burrito after Lisa had taken a bite out of it. Apparently she liked it!

Now you are definitely welcome to go on the Friendship Board to share your views with everyone regarding that burrito! I know I am kind of a picky eater, but gee whiz, I think I would rather have my Ramen Noodles before subjecting myself to eating that! HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha!

Alrighty, that's all for now. Everyone have a great week! Take care!

Love, Steve :)

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