Hiya folks! The painting sold for about $12! Pretty cool, huh? -Steve :) 5/2/03

"Swirly Lines" Painting Goes on Ebay Auction
Debate Over Its Sale Becomes Subject of Controversy

January 22, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - A bitter debate has arisen over a week-long Ebay auction, the latest publicity stunt by Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi. This past weekend, Steve produced a 9 x 12 childlike design of colorful paint strokes that he titled "Swirly Lines" and immediately placed the artwork on an Ebay auction.

The painting, created in part by Steve's New Year's resolution to do more painting and "creative stuff" in 2003, has caused quite a stir. Many friends have criticized Steve's audacity in thinking people would actually bid for a painting many have labeled pitiful.

"A sixth grader could easily duplicate that painting." said Boki Evans of Manitou Springs (picture below), "and it's wrong to sell that painting when it's all about money."

Denise Symes, a professional photographer in Woodland Park and regular visitor of this web site had even harsher words about Steve, "You're not a very good artist, Steve! Steve's art work SUCKS!"

Others disagree with that sentiment, at least based on the eight bidders who have already bid on Swirly Lines. In the first three days of the auction, the price has quadrupled from its initial asking price of $1 to $4.45, currently the highest bid with three more days to go.

"That's what they said about Picasso." said Scotty Lord, the original web designer of this web site. "I'm going to think of you when I'm in France visiting art museums this spring."

This is not the first time Steve has raised eyebrows over items he has put for sale on Ebay. In 2001, he sold an autographed business card of Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer, to the amusement and consternation of many.

Steve however, appeared undaunted by the ruthless criticism. "I don't care what people say, that's my first piece of artwork (in 2003) and this could become a collector's item someday, you never know."

"Honestly, this is getting really ridiculous. If you don't like the painting, then don't bid on it! You can take all your stupid opinions and stick it you know where." exclaimed Steve in a heated exchange.

Voice your opinion about Steve's Swirly Lines painting on his:


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