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Eric Ward Is Not Supporting Mother's Candidacy

June 1, 2001

Hair Consultant

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Eric Ward, the oldest son of hair consultant candidate Donna Ward, said he will not be voting for his mother, his own flesh and blood, in the upcoming August election.

"I'm not voting for her." Eric said flatly, speaking with Steve in front of the Seven Minute Spring attraction in Manitou Springs.

Eric Ward's announcement may thwart any campaign momentum Donna gained when she called Dawnn DiVito a "brown noser" who is "kissing up to people to get their votes."

According to the disgruntled 16-year-old teenager, Eric's decision in not supporting her mother's candidacy stems from Donna's disapproval of his long, straight, stringy hairdo. "She says I should cut it." he said, looking down in dismay.

"I saw you with a pony tail and you didn't look that bad." Eric shared with Steve, referring to his mother's criticism of Steve's neat, tied-back pony tail last month.

If elected to a second non-consecutive term, Donna's inauguration would require her to swear to be an advocate, promoter and supporter of Steve in growing his hair long, beautiful and naturally curly. However, there are no laws prohibiting Steve's hair consultant from encouraging others to cut their hair.

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