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5-Point Manitou Arcade Ticket Found on Sidewalk

June 30, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- A 5-point value Manitou Arcade ticket was found on the sidewalk of Canon Avenue this Sunday afternoon.

Lodged inside a crevice on the concrete pavement near the Cliff House, the ticket was first noticed by Steve, and with nobody else in sight, he decided to keep it based on the principle of "finder's keepers."

"Aren't you working towards that prize?" said Adryen Huber of Parker, "It must be your lucky day."

"Get out the camera. This is news. How awesome!" Steve exclaimed.

Earlier in the afternoon, Steve was also given seven tickets from friends Adryen and Marie - tickets they won playing skeeball. The newly acquired tickets increased Steve's accumulation to 113 tickets. He needs just 102 more to obtain the cactus mug that he has been coveting in her heart throughout the summer.

While hosting his friends Adryen and Marie (who live in Parker, Colorado), Steve did not play skeeball, twenty-one, the horse racing derby or any other games that would have gained him tickets. Instead, he played air hockey with Adryen and enjoyed two games of Centipede. Steve did walk past two Ms. Pac Man machines, but has refrained from playing since he gained the high score at the Ancient Mariner, a nearby tavern.

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