Hi everyone. This article is a little outdated because I've gone back to use hair gel after I get out of the shower. Once in awhile, if for some reason I don't shower and I have a bedhead, I can usually get away with going natural. FYI Love, Steve :)

Garufi Halts Use of Hair Gel; Goes Natural

October 24, 2000

Girl Enjoys Steve's Curly Hair

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Desiring a more natural look to his hair, Steve ended his traditional daily use of putting gel in his dark curly locks. Calling this new hair strategy a “breakthrough” in the life of his naturally curly hair, Steve claims his new, natural look with his hair has already reaped benefits.

For the past few months Steve maintained a morning routine of putting gel in his hair upon getting out of the shower. Near the end of an apparently awkward middle stage of his journey towards long hair, the gel was applied to keep his hair looking manageable, especially on Monday evenings when counseling clients.

However, Steve experienced his breakthrough by accident when, on an early Tuesday morning, Steve had little time to shower or perform his usual hair maintenance routine.

“I was going to my morning group and all I did…was roll off the couch and put my hair under the sink. I didn’t have any time (to shower) so I just soaked my hair and pushed my hair down with my hands.” Just two hours later, Steve was very pleased with the presentation of his hair.

“It just looks better than when I put that gel crap in there.” Steve said recently to his hired hair consultant, Rain Thrower.

“Well Steve, it’s more fluffy and soft-looking, and I know that you know women are going to like running their hands through it.” said Thrower.

Rain Thrower, a newly married 24-year-old woman who has lived her entire life in Colorado Springs, was hired in June as an official employee of SteveGarufi.com. Her principal job is to be a coach for Steve in growing his hair long, as well as being available for encouragement and answering hair-related questions.

“There’s no doubt I attribute some of my hair success to Rain. She’s a great hair consultant. She’s my sixth hair consultant (in a two year period) and believe me, I have high standards (and) that’s why I fired five of the six.” asserted Steve.

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