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HAIR UPDATE: Steve Runs Out of Hair Gel!
(His Long Naturally Curly Hair Goes Frizzy All Week!)

July 19, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi completely ran out of hair gel and his long, naturally curly hair was noticeably frizzy during the week. As an adaptive measure, tied his hair in a loose pony tail instead of letting it hang down.

On Monday morning, the Internet personality realized his hair gel bottle was empty, but he procrastinated all week to buy the L.A. Looks Extra Shine brand of hair gel that he typically uses.

"I know its looked more frizzy, but I've still gotten some compliments. I'll get some gel tomorrow." stated Steve, who was not wearing a shirt because his Manitou Springs oven-of-an-apartment was so damn hot. (See picture below)

Is Steve's Hair Actually Growing?

Along with the extra frizziness, Steve's hair in general has not been doing well. His shoulder length curls appear to have plateaued and are no longer growing, despite Steve's long-term goal of growing his hair down to his waist. Even having his split-ends snipped every six to eight weeks has not seemed to help.

"The problem with my hair is it gets all tangly and breaks so easily. I do my best to comb it out and take care of it, but it's hopeless." explained Steve, "I'm really upset about it but it could be the heat as well."

"I'm not pleased with your hair. It doesn't look to good." stated ex-Hair Consultant Donna Ward.

Jae S. gave equally biting feedback, "Your hair hasn't really grown much in the past year. It looks the same."

Hair Consultant Alissa "Alamosa Girl" Rusk, the recently elected leader, encourager and coach for Steve in his effort to grow his hair really long, was not available for comment. She is presently bedridden from a nasty bout of strep throat.

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