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Tourist Friend Shows Off Winnie the Pooh Watch

June 15, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Beth Raese, a long-time friend of Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi who is visiting Colorado this week, exposed her Winnie the Pooh watch right in front of the ColoradoGuy press this morning at Spice of Life Café in Manitou Springs.

Beth, who worked with Steve over six years ago at a residential facility for troubled young adults in New Hampshire, seemed oblivious to the fact that her picture would be going on his web site.

"Oh fun ... you're taking a picture of me." said Beth quite excitedly.

"Beth doesn't have a computer and never goes on the Internet," explained Steve to nearby patrons (including the woman with the heart-shaped english muffin - see above), " she'll have no idea that hundreds and maybe thousands of people will see her picture."

The Winnie the Pooh wristwatch displayed a delightfully cute picture of the cartoon character, who is scratching his forehead in a semi-contemplative gesture.

"I like that watch a lot. In fact, I'd wear something like that." said Steve.

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