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Steve Has "Romantic Asthmatic Moment" With Date!

(Attractive Brunette Shares Lipstick-Covered Inhaler With Steve) - May 4, 2004

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi and his date (known only as the "Eharmony match") had a "romantic asthmatic moment" when the attractive brunette shared her lipstick-covered inhaler with Steve. Both were suffering from the effects of pollen allergies on their first date last night.

With both "taking things slow" on their first date, the mutual use of her inhaler appears to be an unequivocal sign that their first date went quite well. Steve also admitted that it helped calm his nerves as they spent time at Starbucks, walked around Garden of the Gods and cruised through hillside neighborhoods in Manitou Springs.

"Her giving me her inhaler really broke the ice." explained Steve (see adjacent photo), "After that, my shyness went away and I starting blabbing away like I usually do."

The "Eharmony match" had no formal comment about the incident, and the name of the shade of her lipstick remains unknown at this time.

Public reaction to the "romantic asthmatic moment" appear to be very positive.

"If if was me, I would've wiped my lipstick off first, LOL." wrote Sierra Girl in California, a regular visitor of this web site who learned of the inhaler incident in the chat room.

"She met w/ you from eHarmony~that is a big step, so I think that is the better-telling sign that she likes you more than her letting you borrow her inhaler!" she also wrote.

Johnathan F. in Manitou Springs, Colorado, wondered about the risk of sharing germs. "What about germs? I have no problem w/ (you two sharing the inhaler) as long as neither of you are sick."

Steve and the "Eharmony match" are expected to go on another date in the upcoming week.

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