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Nagging Back Itch Irks Bible Study Attendee

September 24, 2001

Emma Hutchings was all upset over her itchy back! :( COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - It was the itch that just would not go away.

A nagging back itch below her shoulder blades bothered 20-year-old Emma Hutchings all night at the Morton Bible Study last week in Colorado Springs.

A relative newcomer to the Thursday evening group, the red-eyed blonde who manages a restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs, was noticeably agitated throughout the night as friends attempted to comfort her. Sadly, the pesky back itch persisted.

"(The itch) is just below my shoulder blades, and it's drive me crazy." said Hutchings, who according to onlookers, appeared on the brink of "losing it" from the irksome condition.

Emma attempted to reach the itchy spot with her hands and even squiggled in her chair to relieve the itch. All attempts unfortunately, were to no avail.

"I just felt so bad for Emma. She looked really angry." reflected Steve Garufi, who expressed gratitude that Hutchings loaned her 1968 VW Bug to him last fall, "I mean, I've never seen her eyes so red like that."

Sherri Auld, a regular at the Bible study, did not notice any disturbed behavior in Emma, "I didn't think she was irritable. I thought she was quite happy during the Bible Study."

Despite Auld's assessment, the picture profiling Hutchings wrinkled nose, red eyes and overall aggravated disposition show otherwise.

TeacherBear, an alias of a fan on Steve's web site, observed the picture in her Arlington, Texas home and summed up Emma's disgust over her incessantly itchy back with fitting words. "The girl with the red eyes scares me she was at BIBLE study?"

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