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Entire Box of Jujyfruits Eaten In 124 Seconds!

Celebration In Local Park Includes Awful Binging Of Gummy Candy - October 13, 2005
Manitou Springs, Colorado

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- 124 seconds is a great time!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi did the unthinkable in record time yesterday when he jammed an entire box of Jujyfruits into his stomach in just two minutes and four seconds.

"I am so happy for you and impressed with 124 seconds!" said Kansas Kelly upon learning the news, "I know it's strange, but I also know you've wanted to do that for a long time."

Some were concerned about what might happen to Steve's teeth and overall health from such an act, but everything seemed to work out well.

"I made sure the Jujyfruits were fresh and soft. I felt a little sick for about an hour or two after I ate them, but I'm okay." explained Steve, who ate the Jujyfruits in Soda Springs Park in downtown Manitou Springs.

According to reports, Steve felt a sick, nauseating feeling at the 60 second mark, but he did not vomit horrifically like he had in other embarrassing situations.

"I just kept eating them as fast as I could and did my best to keep them from sticking to my teeth. That was the key. I've very proud of myself."

Steve's decision to eat a box of Jujyfruits as fast as he could is part of a month-long celebration about his upcoming move to Buena Vista in late October. Eric (see photo below), a laid-back guitarist and bartender at the Ancient Mariner, played his guitar in the park gazebo to celebrate the occasion with Steve.

"That's so Manitou what you did." he said, "You'll be back."

All of my Jujyfruit pictures ...
I probably could have gone faster if I didn't take a picture of myself at about the 10 second mark.
Mmmmmmmmmmm! I just love Jujyfruits! :)
I hate this picture of me. My stomach seem to hold up reasonably well.
Eric graciously played the guitar to celebrate after I had finished eating.
Now I used to own a Jujyfruits t-shirt but I somehow lost it. In the right photo, that's my dear friend Rain and I from the summer of 1999.
Yeehaw! I did it!
124 seconds baby!
Go ahead and try to beat that! :p)

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