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Gaudy Red & Gold Trophy Presented To Steve at His Bible Study - April 9, 2005

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Maybe dreams really can come true for some of us!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, the owner of this web site, was honored with the award of second runner up as Miss Junior America last night at the a weekly bible study in Colorado Springs.

"This is a total honor to win this award. I'm so filled with emotion that I don't know to say." said Steve, as he was formally presented with the award as onlookers marveled in the red and gold trophy.

"You have got to put this on web site. Will you do that?" asked James, as he shook Steve's hand in the photo above.

According to Steve, he won the trophy at a "chinese auction" during the Bible Study Christmas party in 2004, sometimes more commonly known as a "white elephant" gift exchange. "Once I saw that trophy, I knew I had to have it. I even bypassed snagging a pecan pie scented candle for it." explained Steve.

The winning of the trophy comes one year after having disuptatious relations with Lisa, a "rival" at the bible study who once strangled Steve on the couch and was photographed giving Steve painful "arm noogies" after an argument.

A Few More Photos Of My Rockin' Trophy! :)
Here's a photo I took of myself with the camera's timer. It didn't make it as photo for the article above, but hey, it shows me really happy with my Miss Junior America award! :)
LEFT: There it is! I love this trophy! For the past few months, I had the trophy in my counseling office! :)

RIGHT: And just look how grotesque the woman looks on the trophy! :(
Alethea That's Alethea. Just look at home adorable she is! ;)
Trophy I did it!
Miss Junior America Second Runner Up!

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