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New Business Cards Sent Back to Pesky Junkmailers!

December 5, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- In a bold and unprecedented response to junkmailers who are filling his post office box with junk mail, Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi is fighting back by sending one of his spiffy-looking business cards in every self-addressed stamped envelope sent to him.

On the back of each business card he is handwriting: "Dear Junkmailer, please visit my web site!"

"LOL! I would love to see the expression on the person's face who opens that business reply mail!" stated Ben Paulson of Bellingham, Washington.

"They ask for my money, and now I'm going to ask for their business by having them visit my web site," exclaimed Steve, "and they're going to pay the postage!"

The most common forms of junk mail Steve receives are new credit card offers, "annoying" Internet domain offers and fundraising pleas from various organizations.

While the Internet personality does not mind reading fundraising literature from worthy charities and non-profit organizations that rely heavily on donations, a plea for funds from his alma mater, Montclair State University in New Jersey, seemed to really "set him off."

"I don't get it. I went to Montclair State, which is a public college that's funded by taxpayer dollars. What the heck are they doing asking me for money?" Steve blurted.

So far, no junkmailer has formally responded back to Steve as a follow-up to his invitation to visit this web site.

Please share your thoughts about Steve's business cards or his junk mail on the:


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