Large Package of Goodies Arrive in Mail
Steve Labels the Day "Glorious!"

March 27, 2002

Look at those goodies! COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - A delightful, wondrous and stomach-thrilling surprise awaited Steve as he picked up his mail this morning at his Colorado Springs mailbox. An Illinois woman named Karen D. who regularly visits this web site, baked and shipped homemade cookies and brownies for Steve to enjoy for days to come.

"On behalf of all the starving bachelors in the world, I say thank you Karen!" declared Steve, who had already eaten four of the tasty treats while driving home from the post office.

The cookies came in two different varieties: graham butterscotch and almond oatmeal chocolate chip. The brownies, containing fudge and walnuts, were uncut and inside a metal container.

Look at those goodies!Karen warned about the possibility that the cookies might go stale when they arrived, but the tasty treats were very fresh upon opening the box. Presently, the goodies are stored in Steve's refrigerator and although he has not sampled the brownies yet, he plans to do so tonight.

"Let it be known, today is a glorious day. The cookies are fantastic." replied Steve, who in his excitement shared his newly found goodies with other Manitou Springs locals.

Donna enjoys a couple of cookiesDonna Ward, a local merchant who is currently running for Hair Consultant in April's election, heaved a cookie in her mouth and summed up the splendor of the goodies quite well. "Oh these are good real good. See Steve? Lots of other people care about your eating habits just as much as me."

Karen shared her vision for Steve in looking out for him over his questionable and pitiable appetite, stemming from his poor cooking abilities. She declared her support for Donna, who has championed hosting Steve for dinner at her home on many occasions. "(I'm voting for) Donna for sure! She has the experience and techniques!" Karen wrote.

At the time that this news story was published, Steve had eaten his seventh cookie and decided not to eat a normal lunch. Instead, he will be drinking water until his stomach recovers.

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