Steve Cuts Up His Right Knee; Gets 7 Stitches

May 10, 2002

Hi everyone. Alright, well I've been talking about my knee for the past day on the Friendship Board ... here are the pictures!

This is what happened. All this week I have worked in a warehouse (as I look for full-time work and develop my private practice). Well, I will not get into details, but I did something really stupid and banged my knee against a metal bar. It was definitely a hard hit!

After the impact, I looked down at my knee and it was bleeding pretty bad. I grabbed some first aid stuff to clean it up and upon further inspection, it turned out the cut I made was rather deep. In fact, I was really paranoid that my bone was exposed, but later on in the doctor's office, I was told some kind of "membrance" was showing, not bone. That's GOOD NEWS! Ha ha ha ha!

So I got seven stitches yesterday afternoon to "patch things up" and my knee is still rather sore. Fortunately, there was no serious damage to my knee. HOORAY! This picture on the left is a zoom-in of the stitches, in case you're interested. By the way, you can click on either of these pictures to get an ever closer look at it.

I know, I know, how lovely Steve! This is exactly what you want to see, right? Well, in my opinion, I don't think this is as bad as the toe nail article which caused quite a stir last year. Ha ha ha ha! And uhhhhhh, secondly, if you are grossed out and all upset over these pictures (just like all the annoying people who complained about the fart book), nobody is forcing you to follow my life or visit this web site. :)

So in closing about my knee, ALL SYMPATHY IS VERY WELCOME! If you know me personally, you are very welcome to visit me in Manitou Springs and take care of me! :)

My knee is still quite sore and walking around is a little uncomfortable. I also need to clean the darn thing twice a day with hydrogen peroxide and this gooey-looking solution ... lots of fun!

Okay, enough about this topic. (I'm starting to freak out!) Next subject. Scroll down!

Neat Guy Named Conrad Celebrates 71st Birthday

May 10, 2002

So at this "place" in Colorado Springs where I am presently working, there are a bunch of really interesting characters.

That's Conrad (see picture) and today is his 71st birthday. This guy is pretty amazing. He looks like he's in his upper 50's maybe and acts like he's in his 20's. In fact, he acts a little bit like me!

Oh but here's the BEST PART! At 10 o'clock, we took a special break and celebrated Conrad's birthday with a beautiful chocolate birthday cake. Oh guys ... just look at that yummy-looking cake!

The funny thing is everybody makes fun of poor Conrad! I can't believe how many "old jokes" this guy seems to endure, which are always delivered in fun, of course. Conrad is well-respected and loved by all in that building.

Oh here's a neat thing. My boss at this warehouse is the uncle of Cute Baby Alethea! Definitely click on that link or this link to see adorable pictures of her!

Hey, check out that picture of the 71 candle set up. I love it! By the way, I ate two pieces of cake which was a big mistake! I had a major sugar overload way too early in the morning. Ah well, it kind of reminded me of when I ate too much in my excitement when Karen mailed me those cookies and brownies from Illinois! :)

That's all for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONRAD! You are a blessing in my life! Love, Steve :)

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