BUTT UGLY Lamp Becomes Latest Addition in Living Room

October 19, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- A 5 foot tall standing lamp with tan and brown tones and hanging reddish beads, is being displayed as the latest addition in Steve Garufi's living room this week.

The lamp, reminiscent of traditionally revolting 1970's colors, has been criticized by many and Steve himself went so far as to call the lamp "butt-ugly." However, the Internet artist plans to keep the lamp in his Manitou Springs apartment, near the bookshelf.

"Oh my!" said Hair Consultant Donna Ward, "It looks like you won that after playing 'Bowling for Garbage' or somethin'."

"I know it's ugly, real ugly," Steve agreed, "but it's better than having nothing there when you know something should be there."

According to sources, the lamp would sell for $80 brand new (at his workplace), but because there is an aesthetic defect on it, it was deemed unfit to sell to the public. Fortunately, Steve bought it on the side for only $4.

"The great thing is, you can't even see the defect." Steve excitedly replied.

This is not the first incident where Steve has introduced an unsightly piece of furniture into his home. Last year, a lively and divisive debate developed in the ColoradoGuy community over Steve's hideous-looking 1950's recliner that he bought at a yard sale for only $5.

After much debate, the recliner stayed and still sits across from the large green couch in the living room.

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