Palmer High School Marching Band Avoids Stepping In Horse Manure

November 17, 2001

Palmer High School Avoids Misstep With Horse Manure MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- The Palmer High School Marching Band fully experienced the meaning behind the directive "watch your step" during this weekend's Christmas parade in Manitou Springs.

While boldly playing their music with a full array of brass, wind and percussion instruments, the marching band avoided disaster by stepping around large piles of fresh horse manure on their parade route.

"It was funny and kinda scary at the same time." explained Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, "I screamed at them, 'Watch out! Watch out!' They came so close (to the manure) and I felt so helpless watching them."

The experience brought on so much anxiety that Steve nearly "flipped out", the local psychoterapist admitted.

High School Avoids Misstep With Horse Manure Palmer 
High School Avoids Misstep With Horse ManureOne of the first attractions in the parade were two clydesdales pulling a buggie, who created the mess for paraders on Manitou Avenue beind them. After a trail of 1960's muscle cars slowly cruised by, the marching band followed soon after.

"They shouldn't have put the horses right in the front of the parade." said John Cadbury of Colorado Springs, "That was just too much excitement seeing if they want stomp on the manure."

"I'm just glad that I took pictures with my digital camera." said Steve, "What a great thing to put on my web site!"

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