Steve Admits "Romantic Crush" on Tennis Star Martina Hingis

March 4, 2002

Martina Hingis Picture COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- As he watched televised action of the women's State Farm Tennis Classic this weekend, Steve Garufi admitted harboring a romantic crush on tennis star Martina Hingis, who unfortunately lost to Serena Williams in the semifinal.

"I just really like her," explained Steve, "I really respect her as a athlete and people usually don't cheer for her because she's not an American. Well, I don't care she's beautiful!"

Fearing that others would make fun of him, Steve was overwhelmed at the many positive and empathic responses to his announcement. In fact, many in the ColoradoGuy community appreciated Steve's boldness and were motivated to share their celebrity crushes.

Gary E. of Rochester, New York admitted having a crush on TV anchor Shireen Sandoval. Others mentioned actors Brendan Fraser, Sean Connery, Patrick Henry and Brad Pitt as male celebrities they admire and lust for.

Another Martina Hingis PictureAccording to Steve, he has been cheering for Hingis in her matches for the past year and thoroughly enjoys watching women's tennis. He admits the women are attractive, but claims their game is far superior to men's play.

"Men's tennis is so boring! Who even cares about the men? And who gives a rip about Pete Sampras? Who else is there? It's so boring Three out of five sets is way too long to watch." explained Steve.

Although Steve realizes meeting Martina Hingis is a long shot, he does not rule out the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he could get a real-life picture with her that he could publish on this web site. A successful tennis player himself during his undergraduate college years, he would love to volley on a tennis court with Hingis as part of an adventure.

Steve discusses his crush on Martina Hingis"I guess I'm a nobody to her and she might think I'm a psychopath or something, but I do have a crush on her." said Steve.

Garufi will attempt to contact Hingis, but at this time, he has no idea how to do so.

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