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Honda CRX Muffler Comes Apart on Dirt Road!

(Steve's Car Makes Continually Loud Barfing Noise While Driving!)

August 4, 2004

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Steve's Honda CRX has seen better days!

Although his car is running well, Steve's old muffler disconnected from a pipe (see adjacent photo) that compromises the exhaust system and projects continually loud, barfing noises anytime the "Internet personality" drives his car.

The trouble started this weekend on Mount Princeton Road (see bottom right photo), when the muffler broke off and dragged on the ground after striking a large rock. Steve was on his way to the radio towers to begin his hike of Mount Princeton, a well-known "Colorado 14er" near Buena Vista.

"I got the muffler back on so it's not dragging, but it makes an awful sound ... kind of like a barfing or farting sound all the time." explained Steve, as he cooked spaghetti in the kitchen of his Manitou Springs apartment.

Marilyn P. of Columbus, Ohio, (whom Steve originally met on and regularly visits the forums), offered sympathetic words: "Every car I've ever driven has done that to me at least once! God bless wire coat hangers, is all I can say!"

The loud barfing noise has certainly been noticed by many in his small mountain community, based on the people turning their heads as Steve's loud, groaning car passes by.

"It sounds terrible. I know someone is going to joke about this on the Bathroom Humor Lounge, you watch!" asserted Steve.

Steve's Honda CRX has been publicized on this web site on numerous occasions, including the 200,000 milestone, when his gas door would not open, when eight pounds of garbage were removed from the inside and when a girl was offended by the messiness of his car.

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