NOTE: This contest is over! Jae named her dog "CHAYA."

Help Name Jae's Dog and WIN A PRIZE!

May 29, 2002

Hiya folks! Have I got an exciting opportunity for you. Call it an "interactive article" if you will!

Today my friend Jae (see picture) got a cute little puppy, a 7-week old female, Cairn Terrier breed. ISN'T THIS DOG JUST A CUTIE? Well, Jae is not sure what to name the dog and has formally asked for help from those in the ColoradoGuy community.

To the one who offers the name that Jae names her puppy, she will buy and send to you a really nice candle from one of the gift shops here in Manitou Springs. Depending on whether a guy or girl wins, or based on specific things she knows about the winner, Jae says she'll buy a candle that is "just right" for that person. Trust me, I can vouch for Jae's intuition. She played a major role in helping me decorate my apartment last summer and knows what she is doing! :)

There's another shot of the dog inside Jae's garden. Just look at how small and cute she is ... SHE'S SO FLUFFY!

By the way, before I let you know how to offer your name ideas, that picture above is the VERY FIRST unaltered picture that Jae has allowed on my web site (just like my sister-in-law in New York). For almost a year now, Jae has required me to hide her identity like in our Scrabble game last week and when we went walking in Garden of the Gods this winter.

Ha ha ha! Jae said she is allowing that picture of her because she is "doing it for the dog." After all, this cute, hairy, furrball, carpet-of-a-puppy needs a name that fits her adorable personality and looks! :)

Okay, there's one more picture below, a close-up. You've got three pictures to go by!


1) The best way to offer a name is to post your entry on the Friendship Board and include your name! You may also send me an e-mail privately with your entry. However, I will not be sending out confirmations that I received your entry.

Other Important Rules

2) YOU MAY OFFER A TOTAL OF TWO NAMES! I figure many will probably have a name to share right off the bat, so you can offer that name right away. Then you've got another day or two to really mull it over and offer your second name. Once you submit your name, you can not change your mind!

When Does The Contest End?

3) The contest ends whenever I wake up on Saturday morning (usually around 7 am). I'll check the Friendship Board and my e-mail one last time, then I'll take all of the name submissions over to Jae's house. (She lives just two blocks away.) When I return later in the morning, I'll share the winner on the Friendship Board! :)

Alright guys. Have fun! You've got two chances to win it! NAME JAE'S DOG! Woo-hoo! This is so exciting!

Love, Steve :)

Submit your name for Jae's dog by posting on my:


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