Colorado Springs Newspaper Used To Fix Wobbly Cafe Table

Newspaper Under Wobbly Table COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- A local newspaper was used successfully to fix a wobbly table at the Pikes Perk coffee shop in the downtown area. Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi and friend Phil Ladden needed to put their coffees down in peace and stuffing the weekly tabloid named the Colorado Springs Independent worked just right.

"The problem might not be the table," said Phil (adjacent photo), "The floor might be uneven since it's such an old building."

Phil Ladden "I felt guilty devoting a newspaper to such a fate ... but what else could I do?" he added.

Steve admitted that he has also used newspapers, apartment guides and other "freebie" periodicals to level wobbly tables.

"It generally works," said Steve, "although sometimes you need to watch your feet so you don't rip the paper."

Phil and Steve mutually agreed that the act meant no disrespect toward the weekly newspaper that always seems to be around in coffee shops and elsewhere.

Afterward, Phil became somewhat philosophical about the deed.

"Spilling something in public can be embarrassing and humiliating, and this 24-ounce mocha would be a total mess on this hardwood floor," he said, "Wasn't there a girl who dropped something and there were pictures all over your web site?"

A close-up of the helpful newspaper
Newspaper Under Wobbly Table

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