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Hanging Muffler Falls Completely Off Steve's Car!

(Honda CRX Isn't Any Noisier Than Before; Still Makes "Horrible Barfing Sounds")

September 2004

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Say good-bye to Steve's muffler, folks!

The rapidly decaying muffler that occasionally dragged from Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's Honda CRX completely fell off last month, while driving British visitor and Extreme Ironing enthusiast Nick Hughes to the Denver Airport.

"What has bloody happened to your car?!" exclaimed Nick (adjacent photo), with a distinct British accent, "Can you still get me to the airport? Or am I stuck in America?"

According to Steve, his car is still running well and the permanent removal of the muffler has not increased the noise of the car. However, it still makes "horrible barfing sounds" from time to time.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the muffler. I thought about hanging it in my living room (above the large green couch) as a shrine." explained Steve, as he held the muffler.

"Be glad you have not gotten a ticket for no muffler ... Is it loud and smoky???" asked Joe Price (known as "Jep3" in the forums) of Euless, Texas, upon learning the news in the chat room.

After corresponding with local police, Steve learned his car is still legal to drive, but with rumors that the so-called "Internet personality" may have a date next weekend, he realizes he needs to do something soon.

"Well maybe the girl won't be as grossed out if your car is barfing instead of you. I still can't believe you hacked up a caramel in front of a girl. How disgusting!" said Emily Grant of Manitou Springs, with a sarcastic tone of voice.

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