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Web Site Will "Return to Normal" on Monday
Albeit With a Somber Tone

September 14, 2001

You will see a war like never before MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Agreeing the weekend would be a terrible time of mourning and identifying the names and lives of the dead, Steve Garufi announced his web site will return "back to normal" on Monday, albeit with a somber and respectful tone.

"Monday will be the day that I go back to posting news stories, adventures and stuff like that, but make no mistake, most of them will be really sober and serious." said Garufi, who has not learned of anyone he knew personally who is still missing or unidentified from the attacks.

On Wednesday, the day after the despicable attack, Steve published a brief letter that stated his family was safe and removed his usually comical headlines from the front page.

You will see a war like never beforeAccording to a recent poll on his front page, 80% of respondents agreed Congress should formally declare war against terrorists known to be hostile towards America and nations who harbor, abet and fund such groups. Garufi was among the majority.

"In view of the heinous attack on civilians on American soil, I think (terrorism) has gotten to the point where we must make a statement to the world that America will punish severely anyone who even associates with terrorists ... We probably will create more resentment throughout the Muslim world, but the way I see it, we are in a state of war already." Garufi wrote in a recent e-mail.

He added, "We must stamp out the evil bastards who promote terrorism, yet we as a nation much also humbly turn our faces back to God."

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