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Baby Hannah Picks First Nose Booger

April 20, 2001

cute hannah! BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Cute 9-month-old Hannah Bishop reached a noteworthy milestone in her life when she picked and ate her very first nose booger last week. The adorable baby inserted the booger in her mouth just before taking her routine afternoon nap.

Amanda Bishop, the proud mother, spoke voluminously about the experience with friends and family.

"(She was) about to take a nap and she was rubbing her nose." said Bishop, as her husband Casey looked on in support, "…then she was rubbing boogers all over her face and started concentrating and got one off her face … and put it in her mouth."

hi hannah! In the end, Amanda was philosophical over her baby's landmark achievement. "I didn't stop her in time. It was one of those dry, crusty ones."

Hannah's mother denied that she regularly picks her own nose.

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, who is visitng Bakersfield to make a "chasing scene" film with a local filmmaker, hailed the event as a remarkable moment in the toddler's life.

"I'm so proud of Hannah, but personally I prefer to call them nose goblins." stated Steve.

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