Cheesy-Looking Index Cards Are Placed At Prominent Locations

March 29, 2003

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi kicked off his new and potentially controversial outreach campaign when he placed one of his cheesy-looking business cards on the speaker at a Sonic Drive-In this afternoon.

Later this week, the Internet personality plans to place more of his index cards in prominent Colorado Springs area gathering places, such as the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, the El Paso County Judicial Building and Manitou Springs Fire Department. Steve hopes he does not get in trouble for all this.

"If I saw your card, I'd probably go check (your web site) out." said Kelly C. of Olathe, Kansas, while conversing with Steve in the chat room.

Terrill Covey of Newmarket, New Hampshire, even offered to help out in the cause, "Send some of those cards my way, and I'll stick them up in New Hampshire."

Because of the flimsy nature of the index cards, Steve will use tape as needed to hold cards in place. At the Sonic Drive-In on West Colorado Avenue and 34th Street, Steve managed the wedge the card hard enough inside a crevace on the face of the speaker (see adjacent picture) and plans to periodically visit to make sure that the card is still there.

Unfortunately, not all are impressed with Steve's outreach. One critic, who insisted on anonymity wrote, "That's the saddest attempt at self-glorification I could ever imagine. You're as narcissistic as they get."

After ordering his food (an extra long cheese coney and popcorn chicken), Steve did not tell the workers at the fast food franchise about his unconventional form of advertising.

"Those teenagers aren't going to care Heck, next time I go, I'll take their pictures and it'll be fun." he replied.

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