Peace Activist House Guest Washes ALL OF STEVE'S DISHES!

June 25, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - The unbelievable happened at 7 a.m. on Monday morning!

Marcus Page, a prominent anti-nuclear weapons protester and faith-based peace activist in New Mexico, generously washed the gargantuan heap of dirty dishes stacked in Steve's kitchen sink. Sleeping over the night before, Page began washing while Steve was still in bed.

"It was amazing, like a dream come true I heard the clanging of dishes and I couldn't believe it." explained Steve, "I felt funny knowing he was doing it, but I was too groggy to get up and make him stop so I just laid in bed."

The large amount of dirty dishes, pots and utensils rivaled the pathetic mess reported in October 2001, when Steve finally "got around" to washing his dishes after three long weeks of neglect.

Marcus, another recent house guest who enjoyed sleeping on Steve's green couch in his living room, showed no signs of displeasure and appeared genuinely at ease with washing all of Steve's dishes. Because of the large amount in the kitchen sink, it took him over 25 minutes to complete the task. He is the fourth friend to sleep over and only had good words to say.

"You've got a nice apartment here and thanks for putting The Gas We Pass on your coffee table." said Page, who earlier partook in the salmon dinner at Jae and Lisa's house on Sunday night.

After finishing the monumental task in the kitchen, Marcus gave Steve literature about the Family Spirit Walk, a two month, 800-mile walk through five states that will protest nuclear testing at a Nevada site outside of Las Vegas.

"I must say, I didn't get to talk too much with him about his anti-nuclear views," said Steve, "but I was real impressed with his kindness (he's) just a good guy." said Steve.

NOTE: You're welcome to check out Marcus' home page to learn more about his views. His opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of :)

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