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Dried Chili Peppers Given Anonymously on Apartment Door

September 5, 2001

Picture of the Chili Peppers! MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Yippee! Hooray! Yeehaw! An ornament of dried chili peppers was placed anonymously on Steve Garufi's apartment door this afternoon.

With Steve delighted as he came home from work, the adornment is also appreciated by many in the ColoradoGuy community, especially those who enjoy following the latest developments of Steve's interior decoration of his Manitou Springs apartment.

At this time, Steve still does not know for sure who gave the gift, but he has some ideas.

"I remember telling Scotty and Laura that I wanted it, but this is the kind of thing that Jae would leave as well she's left a lot of things outside my door for the apartment."

The chili peppers were placed in the middle room of the old turn-of-the century apartment, between the entrances to the bedroom and kitchen. (See picture below)

Tami Smith was grossed out!Tami Smith, who is sleeping on Steve's newly apolstered green couch for the week, first noticed the chili peppers on the outside of the door.

"It was right there on the door. It freaked me out When I first looked at it, I thought someone made a face with curly hairs coming down." said Smith, who is visiting from Bakersfield, California.

"They smell really nice too," said Steve, as he stuck his nose into the peppers, "... I really like the red color, it goes really well with the creamy white wall and fruity brown color of the wood."

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