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Hair Consultant Phil is Fired: "Absentee Politician" Gets The Axe!

(BBQ No-Show and Continual Absences Were Chief Reasons For Firing!)

October 17, 2004

Hair Consultant Phil smokes a cigarette on Manitou Avenue MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Another incompetent Hair Consultant bites the dust!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi fired Hair Consultant Phil McWilliams (adjacent photo) yesterday, citing Phil's shameful disregard with communicating with Steve and the ColoradoGuy community. Steve had no contact with Hair Consultant Phil for over three months with no way of reaching him, and for all Manitou locals knew, Phil may have skipped town. Another reason mentioned was Phil's failure to appear at the well-attended ColoradoGuy Summer BBQ on Labor Day.

Because of Phil's sudden disappearance after having been so active during the April 2004 campaign, many have mocked and ridiculed Phil as the "Absentee Politician", which brought back memories of other unsuccessful Hair Consultants such as Donna, labeled the "Do-Nothing Hair Consultant" and Alissa, the "Dead Beat Consultant".

Steve Announces Phil's Firing"I really wanted to be patient with Phil. I knew his approval rating was pretty low, but at least he wasn't a drama queen," explained Steve (left photo), "but how could I have a Hair Consultant who doesn't even keep in touch with me? It was wrong."

Reaction to the firing of Phil has been mixed.

"It just dawned on me ... you are going to have to tell him in person, he doesn't come on this wonderful site anyway!!" wrote Beth of Falcon, Colorado (known as Littlehands on the forums), who has been a strong critic of Phil.

"YAY! Phil is fired! It's about time." wrote Sarah of Nampa, Idaho.

Bible Study Leader Chris Morton, who finished a distant third-place against Phil in the April 2004 election, blurted upon learning the news: "They were all ignorant. They should have voted for me."

In a press statement on the Donor Forum, Steve addressed the concerns of those who believed Phil should have finished out his term to honor the results of the election he won convincingly six months ago, even despite his terrible leadership. (Phil's term would have ended immediately after the April 2005 election.) Steve wrote:

"For those of you who are somewhat disillusioned with the voting process that goes on every April, I want to assure you that there are now only two reasons that I will allow myself to fire a HC. They are:

  • 1) Saying or promoting that I should cut my hair short. (Barb, HC #3, was guilty of this.)
  • 2) Totally disappearing for long periods of time. (Phil is definitely guilty of this!)"

    Steve is expected to announce a new Hair Consultant to serve for the remaining term until April 2005 during the week. "Kansas Kelly" Martin (see "Sexy Knee" article, Aspen Roadtrip pictorial) has been mentioned on the Frienship Board as a possible interim replacement.

    You're welcome to share your thoughts about Phil's firing, or if you want to socialize with other visitors, visit my:


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