Look at the Pizza my Co-Workers Made For Me!

February 28, 2002

Look at that beautiful pizza! Click here to get a close up! Guys! Look at that pizza! Yesterday was the last day at my counseling internship in northern Colorado. While I knew I was well-liked, I was really touched by the outpouring of love I received from co-workers. In fact, at my very last meal in the cafeteria, I was given a personalized Steve Garufi Pizza! I can't believe it. Do you see how it looks like me? :)

By the way, I only ate half of the pizza and the rest is in the refrigerator. I was planning to eat the remainder for lunch, but today Donna invited me to have chicken and dumplings with her where she works. I AM SO EXCITED! In fact, I will be bringing my digital camera to cover the event! YUMMY YUMMY!

Chalkboard Oh guys, there's more! One scoundrel drew a picture of me on a chalkboard. Good grief! My hair does NOT stick out like that! My hair is long enough that it hangs down, for crying out loud! Ah well, the portrait might not be the most flattering, but I'll take any loving I can get! :)

But wait, there's more! (I am a blessed indeed!) When I walked into the cafeteria, not only did I receive the special pizza, but there was a special place setting for me with a candle, chessboard and tablecloth. It was so beautiful!

Chess Place SettingOh, remember how I was inspired to win the chess title for Margaret two weeks ago? Well, last week I lost it back to G.C., but not after trouncing him once earlier in the day.

However, in this final week, I defeated G.C. again to win back the chess belt on the eve of my last working day! Now because I was leaving for good and wouldn't dare take the chess belt home for permanent retirement, I played as many matches as I could during lunchtime. I refused to lose on purpose, but let's just say I embraced quite an aggressive - and at times reckless - strategy. Nevertheless, I held the belt during lunchtime by defeating two middle-range players.

G.C. looks intimidating at the chessboard. So in the end, G.C. was responsible for the place setting and was determined to recapture the chess belt. The candlelight and lovely decorations looked so nice and kind of romantic. What a pity that I wasn't playing with a cute girl! :)

Directly to the left is a picture of G.C. In the match, he completely destroyed me. I allowed him to be white and I doubled fiancettoed (sp?) my bishops. Early on I pushed my pawns up too early and gave juicy, unattackable squares to his two knights. He captured a bishop for free and it was all over! (While I did lose, I just want to state for the record that my lifetime record against G.C. is 7 wins, 6 losses and 3 draws. So there! HA HA HA!)

So that's that. G.C. will continue on with the chess belt. It reminded me of when the Olympic flame passed through Manitou Springs awhile back. In the same fashion, it was my pleasure to pass the chess belt to future generations of co-workers!

Alright, it was an amazing final 24-hours at my place of work. Now it's time to find a real job! I have a school loan and other debts that must be tackled!

And, if you have actually read this far, THANK YOU! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Love, Steve :)

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