Update on Living Room Plants:

January 15, 2002

Dead Ficus Plant Hi everyone. Here's the latest news on the two plants in my living room. I had my friend Jae come over for lunch today and she gave me the news I did not want to hear and was in denial about: The ficus plant was dead. :(

She said the plant looked like it had been out in the cold and died. Then she pointed out how terribly limp all of the branches were and how the plant exhibited no signs of life.

So the ficus plant is gone. Sniff, sniff. We pulled it out of the pot and Jae threw the remains in the garbage pail in my kitchen.

The Yucca Tree The good news, however, is the yucca plant appears to be okay. It was just desperately needing water. Since yuccas are desert plants, I guess I didn't think it needed much water. I was wrong!

Change of Subject

So that's that. Hey, guess what? I have been doing a lot of exercising and hiking along Ruxton Avenue and Barr Trail. I feel so in shape ... I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! :)

I am seriously thinking of hiking to the top of Pikes Peak when it gets warmer. I have lived here for almost five years and I say it's about time! Okay, that's all for now. Bye bye everyone!

Love, Steve :)

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