Two Framed Prints Added to Living Room

October 8, 2001

Desert Serenity Picture Hi everyone. Well, I just thought I would show you the latest interior decoration happenings in my apartment.

I bought a couple of really nice framed prints this weekend, and they look fantastic in the living room.

The first is a watercolor titled Desert Serenity. It is a colorful, uncluttered desertscape with beautiful saguaro cactuses and grand purple mesas far in the background. I actually noticed this print four years ago when I worked a part-time job at the Navajo Gift Shop in Manitou Springs. I distinctly remember admiring the artwork back then in 1998, and believe it or not, no one had ever bought it! Woo-hoo!

Blackfeet Camp Picture The other print is titled Blackfeet Camp by Michael Coleman. The tipi camp is situated on a flat plain dotted with woodlands, a pond and some puddles. My friend Jae pointed out how the entire scene tells a story to the viewer. From my imagination, it is early morning and the sun is rising to the East. It appears like a rather cold and crisp time of year - maybe mid-November when there is not quite any snowfall, but plants nevertheless battle the frost from the cold nights. I also really like the distinct tipi poles as they contrast with the bright yellow sky!

By the way, do not get the idea that I have much money. I put both of these on layaway in July and got notices when I did not pay a monthly amount. So I decided (perhaps impulsively) to resolve the situation by putting the remaining balance on my credit card. Sigh! (Okay, back to the living room.)

The Love Seat So I am pretty happy with the way things look. God has indeed blessed me greatly with a lovely home and sanctuary! As an ongoing project, there is much more on the interior decoration agenda. Unfortunately, with finances very tight, most things are on hold.

Having said that, here is the agenda when I do have money to invest in this place:

  • Large curtains on all the windows (Probably a burgundy or cream color)
  • A television (somewhere between the living and dining room)
  • A nice recliner (I still have the hideous-looking recliner covered with a gray blanket.)
  • More prints (to cover up bare walls in the dining room area)
  • A small table with a running water fountain (in the entry room)

    That's all, people. You folks have GOT TO visit and hang out with me in Manitou Springs. I promise I will cook you a nice dinner too!

    Love, Steve :)

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    Okay, one last picture of my living room, from a different angle. :)

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