Hair Consultant Rain Fired by Steve

(Longtime Friends Fired for Not Returning Phone Calls)

February 4, 2001

Press Release 
of Hair Consultant Gets the Ax COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Hair Consultant Rain, a long-time friend of Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, was suddenly fired as Steve’s personal Hair Consultant on Saturday. The sixth Hair Consultant in a span of three years, Rain's term lasted nine months, the longest among her predecessors.

Rain's day to day task as Steve's Hair Consultant was to be a supporter for Steve in growing his hair long and beautiful. As Hair Consultant, Rain was expect to be available at all times to help strategize with him over hair-related concerns such as the choosing of shampoos, conditioners and hair gel, split-end management and other issues related to long, curly hair.

Although specific reasons were not disclosed, sources close to the "Internet personality" say Steve was greatly irritated by Rain’s cancellation of her cellular phone. Furthermore, an unreliable answering machine at her residence only fueled Steve’s resentment.

Steve“When she turned off her cell phone and then her answering machine wasn’t working at home, that was the last straw.” explained Steve.

after JourneyGarufi, who became emotionally distraught as he read a press release in front of his home, emphasized that Rain was “honorably discharged.” He articulated many kind, affectionate words for the woman he placed on his list for the top ten most influential people in his life.

Rain’s acclaim with Steve stem from her direct influence in convincing Steve to enroll in the Rising Star Communications classes in May 1999.

“Rain will always be my pal. And of course, she’s my angel. She got me into Journey and she did a great job as Hair Consultant. I’m real proud of her. I just sense it’s time for fresh leadership with my hair.”

Rain was unavailable for comment.

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