Rain Thrower Fired Three Days Before Christmas

December 22, 2002

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Another Hair Consultant bites the dust!

Rain Thrower was cruelly fired today - just three days before Christmas - and was formally relieved of her duties as helper and leader in Steve Garufi's effort to have long, beautiful, naturally curly hair.

"I really wasn't doing much for your hair anyway." replied Rain, who seemed to handle the discouraging news well.

A good friend since Steve moved to Colorado in 1997, Rain served as Hair Consultant for nine months in 2000-2001 but was dramatically fired amidst media coverage on this web site as well.

Although details are sketchy, pundits believe Rain's unwillingness to spend time on the Internet and converse with the ColoradoGuy community was her primary downfall.

"It's just a sad time for everyone. Rain needed to go. I feel bad that it's right before Christmas, but what about my hair?! She wasn't doing squat with my hair!" said Steve, in his brief press statement.

To soften the impact of her firing, Steve delivered a Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate to Rain's Colorado Springs home when he delivered the controversial news. Rain appreciated the gourmet drink.

Public Reactions Seem Negative

The timing of Rain Thrower's dismissal has drawn a lot of criticism from the ColoradoGuy community and appears to be a public relations disaster.

"I think you suck! How could you fire her like that?! That poor girl … you are so mean!" yelled ex-Hair Consultant Donna Ward, who is still harboring bitterness after being fired in disgrace one month earlier and enduring public humiliation in the process.

Others friends questioned Steve's motivations and challenged his management style of Hair Consultants.

"It's like a game to you. You like exploiting people … People you can control and manipulate." exclaimed Boki Evans, a former Hair Consultant candidate and regular patron at Spice of Life Café, "I think it's wrong what you did to Rain."

"Let me get this straight, you fired her right before Christmas? That's cold, and you said you were a therapist?" responded Doug Rhodes of Manitou Springs.

Steve is expected to announce a new Hair Consultant during the week.


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