Ugly Recliner in Steve's Apartment

Indecision Over Ugly $5 Recliner in Living Room

November 26, 2001

recliner Hi everyone. Right now I am looking to vent a little about a pressing interior decoration problem in my apartment. It's that hideous-looking recliner in my living room! :(

You may remember when I bought the wretched-looking thing for just $5 at a yard sale this summer. At the time, I purchased it because I just wanted to fill an empty space in the living room.

Looking back, many friends scoffed and laughed at me, saying I should not allow such a cheesy, grotesque-looking 1960's recliner in my place. While agreeing it was not the prettiest piece of furniture, it was comfortable, quite comfortable, so I decided I would either get the chair reapolstered or would place seat coverings (that are sold at Walmart) over it. Unfortunately, neither of those happened. :(

In view of all this, here is what I did in desperation: I took a huge bed sheet from my old California King Size bed and placed it completely over the recliner. The large gray blanket negates the ugly design, but its bland color does not do much else for the room.

recliner That's my lovely hair consultant sitting in the recliner with the gray bed sheet covering! As I said, the recliner does not look that bad anymore, but I still wonder if I am settling for mediocrity in this instance. Excellence is the standard ... there is no room for mediocrity!

Come to think of it, your input might be quite helpful. What should I do with the recliner?

As I see it, there are three options:

  • Get rid of the recliner immediately.
  • Follow through on getting a better covering for the chair.
  • Suck it up and keep the newly-covered gray recliner as is.

    Alright, enough said. I have had a fever all weekend and am finally starting to feel better. It is best that I go to bed soon.

    Love, Steve :)

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