Chaffee County, Colorado

Large, Gapping Hole Develops In Steve's Left Shoe

January 28, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- A large, gapping hole has developed in the left shoe of Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi and that opening appears to be growing at a very rapid pace, according to recent reports.

The hole, which protrudes from the area of Steve's left toe, became so noticeable this week that Steve's co-workers and counseling clients have pointed out the obvious blemish in his foot attire.

"Dude, you have got to get new shoes! Just look at them." exclaimed R.A., a co-worker at Steve's workplace.

As the large hole continues to widen, pictures reveal Steve's old shoe is also in dire need of a new shoe lace, another need that the self-proclaimed "Internet personality" has neglected to address.

"Steve, I've noticed all of your clothing is old. If it's not your shoes, it's that old wornout Rutgers shirt or your ripped shorts or something else." typed Jaid, an Internet friend who frequently visits the Friendship Board and chat room on this web site.

Amidst all the social pressure to upgrade his wardrobe, Steve seemed indecisive over what he plans to do with his shoes.

"You know, I hear it almost everyday about these shoes and they're right. I hate to say it, but I just can't stand going shopping so I keep wearing them." he replied.

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