Rebellious 12-Year-Old Caught Smoking on Christmas Day!

(Parents And Guests in Shock; Christmas Holiday Ruined!)

December 25, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - Chalk it up as another chilling statistic of a troubled young one experimenting with cigarette smoking!

During the family celebration on Christmas Day, 12-year-old Amber, the daughter of Ex-Hair Consultant Donna, was caught smoking a cigarette inside her home. Needless to say, family and guests were in complete shock.

"Who in the world taught you about smoking?!" angrily exclaimed Donna, "You have a lot of explaining to do!"

Everyone in the household denied giving the cigarettes to Amber, which seemed to only build more tension.

"Maybe she got them at school or something. You know how teenagers are these days." replied Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, who spent much of Christmas Day at the nearby residence.

Amber first began smoking in the living room while her parents were occupied with preparing dinner. When Steve noticed the cigarette butt in her mouth, he immediately took a picture with his digital camera.

Although the young 12-year-old did not explain how she obtained the cigarettes, a single pack of Hillburry Milk Chocolate Cigarette Sticks were immediately found in her jacket pocket. Amber's parents would not comment directly to the ColoradoGuy press (Steve) on whether Amber would be disciplined, but they appeared "close to losing it" with anger.

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