1950's Kitchen! Cheesy Carpet Design Conceals Soda Stain

April 2002

Ugly Carpet Howdy everyone. I wanted to show you some pictures from when I stayed with friends (Matt and Jenni) in Delta, Colorado.

Alright, see that picture to the right? That is the carpet in their kitchen in the house they are renting until they move into their new home this spring, so do not think for a second that they chose that gruesome carpet design. :p)

Here is what happened. When I first arrived, Matt and Jenni were very happy to see me and while we chit-chatted in the kitchen, they gave me a can of Coca-Cola. Somehow I spilled some soda on the kitchen carpet and very embarrassed, but then when I looked down I realized that I could not notice where the soda actually landed. The unsightly and hideous 1950's style carpet hid the soda stain! Yay! :)

Directly to the left is a photo of myself just a few minutes after the soda stain event. I think Matt and Jenni found the whole affair rather amusing, and immediately I pulled out the camera to document this.

Oh, but there is more. The discussion of the ugly carpet struck a chord with Matt and Jenni. Jenni then pointed out the extremely ugly walls. For some unknown reason, the original owners of this house decided to put a revolting dark orange carpet on the kitchen walls. Yes ... the kitchen walls! The entire kitchen screamed of the 1950's, which uh - I don't want to offend those who lived in the 1950's - just looked badly outdated. Cars from the 1950's are classics (like Phil's 1955 Chevy Truck and even my 1964 Cadillac), but kitchens? Ha, no way!

Adjacent is the picture of Jenni pointing out the carpeted kitchen walls. Also, notice the Christmas wreath hanging over the window. Now that was Matt and Jenni's choice to keep the wreath on display into April.

By the way, Matt and Jenni, if you are reading this, check out some of my interior decoration pictures! See the insides of my apartment, nice prints I have placed on the walls, the sage green color I used for the walls and even the $5 recliner controversy, all from last year!

Adjacent is one last picture of Matt and Jenni at the kitchen table. Notice the bright orange booth ... Don't they look kind of like Ward and June Cleaver? :)

Matt looked like he was reading but he was really just posing. Jenni is uhhhhhhh, I do not know what she is doing. It looks like she's trying to grab something that isn't there. Ha ha ha! Jenni, what were you doing in that picture?

By the way, Matt is the guy that I went out walking with in Denver one late night last year. I think the pictures are rather amusing.

Special thanks to these two really great people who hosted me as I wandered throughout western Colorado with my camera. My pages from this visit: Taco Time, Colorado National Monument and The Desert

Lastly, maybe someday I will travel back to Delta when they are in their new home ... just for the purpose of photographing their new kitchen and showing their interior design choices! :)

-Steve :)