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Business Card Placed at Starbucks Drive-Thru Window!

(Steve Resorts Back to "Inappropriate Ways" To Promote Web Site)

December 17, 2004

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi is at it again with promoting his web site in questionable, if not highly inappropriate ways.

Last night, the so-called "Internet personality" placed a spiffy-looking ColoradoGuy business card on the outer edge of a Starbucks drive-thru window while buying a peppermint mocha on his way to a social engagement. Steve did not ask for or receive permission to affix his business card on the metal frame of the window and employees seemed oblivious at the time of the incident.

"You know, Steve, sometimes I just think to myself that you really need a life." said Kansas Kelly Martin of Olathe, Kansas, upon learning the news, "You are out of control!"

"Do you reeeally think that some starbucks junkie is going to see your card, be overwhelmed with curiosity, and speed home with latte in hand just to sneak a peek at your site because of the 'oh-so-intriguing' illegally placed business card?!" questioned Kelly.

This is certainly not the first time Steve has "messed with" fast food outlets and eateries. In the past two years, the Manitou Springs resident has illegally placed business cards at a Sonic Drive-In, the Homestead Restaurant (in Florence, Colorado) and many public areas in Colorado Springs. Additionally, last year web site visitors accused Steve of flirting with an attractive Starbucks employee when he gave her a business card "out of the blue."

Some believe Steve may have placed the business card because of all the extra time and energy he has enjoyed lately, especially since he completed sending all of his Christmas cards nearly six months ago in June.

"I just get such a rush when I leave a business card in a public area. I don't know how else to explain it." said Steve, as he sipped his drink with desheveled hair and a freaky-looking facial gesture.

"You get a rush? What the (blank) do you mean by that? You are a therapist and you're talking like that?" shouted Emma Johnson of Colorado Springs in bewilderment, "Steve, I love you and this web site, but I'm not sure I want to see your face when I'm craving a latte (at Starbucks)."

You're welcome to voice your thoughts about Steve's use of his business cards on his:


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