Telluride, Colorado
Hi folks! This is a very old article, but hey, you're still welcome to share your favorite Starburst flavor on the Friendship Board! Love, Steve :) (1/6/04)
Who Wants a Starburst?

Check out the Starbursts I have!Hi everyone! Well, I just got back from walking to Tubby's, a convenience store in Manitou Springs and I got a package of Starbursts. Does anybody want one?

I've got green which is Kiwi Green, orange which is Melon Chew, pink which is Strawberry Banana and red which is Tropical Punch.

By the way, that's me chomping on a delicious green one. They are sooooooooooooo good! That picture reminds me of when I was eating those Ramen Noodles awhile back. :)

Check out the Starbursts I have!Well, I begin painting my kitchen, bathroom and foyer area tonight. I am hoping I can knock it all out by the weekend. I am just so amazed and grateful over how nice my apartment is looking right now!

Oh, I have more good news. It looks like the movies that Casey and I have worked on will be coming out pretty soon for your Internet viewing pleasure! Yeeeeeehaw!

Okay. That's enough. Gotta jump in the shower and start my day. Have a wonderful day! And do forget to tell me which flavor Starburst you want...

Love, Steve :) (August 8, 2001)

Let me know which Starburst you want on my:


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