Wyoming State Line Sign

Steve Hangs Out at Wyoming State Line

November 14, 2001

'CLICK HERE for a bigger view of this Wyoming State Line Sign Howdy people. Well, as you can see, I drove to the Wyoming/Colorado border on Interstate 25 and "hung out" so to speak. There really isn't much up there except a few bluffs and ankle-high yellow prairie grass.

This just came to mind! Check out Raton Pass, which is the New Mexico/Colorado border at the very south end of I-25! Gee, I guess I get around. :)

Anyway, there is a picture with my Honda CRX in the background for proof. Throughout the winter, I will be spending two days per week in the Fort Collins area so expect some more adventures profiling the area.

Uhhhhhh, that's all I really have to say about Wyoming. HA HA HA ha ha ha! I will probably have a few adventures in Wyoming in the next few weeks: Cheyenne (the state capitol), Laramie, maybe a good nature park, hike, etc. Woo-hoo! ColoradoGuy is going to be hanging out in Wyoming!

You know, I think some of you should come along on these Wyoming adventures. Wyoming is one of the least populated states in the union, and so I might get really lonely out there. :(

Alright, enough for now!

Love, Steve :)

Post anything that comes to mind about Wyoming on my:


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