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Hair Consultant Insults People of Manitou Springs!

(Martha Labels Quaint Mountain Town a "Suburb of Colorado Springs")

December 16, 2003

PLANO, TEXAS -- Hair Consultant Martha insulted and outraged the Manitou Springs community (home of Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi) when she labeled the quaint tourist town "a suburb of Colorado Springs."

"What in the world was she thinking when she said that?" exclaimed Steve, "That is so insulting to us here in Manitou. We're neighbors and friends with (Colorado Springs) but we are our own seperate town."

The controversial statement created a wide reaction of negative feelings towards the woman who's poised to help Steve grow his hair out as long as possible. Ironically, despite the insult, Martha's tough, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style has made her one of the most popular Hair Consultants in history.

Former Manitou Springs mayor Bud Ford greatly disagreed with Martha's comment. "That's definitely not true. Colorado Springs is a suburb of us. We're our own community of independent-minded rascals in many ways." replied the admired Jerry Garcia look-alike.

"I love Martha and she's real good for (Steve), but she prejudged. She ticked me off by prejudging ... it's horrible." said Shon McKenzie of Colorado Springs, who frequently visits Manitou Springs "to escape" from her life pressures.

Other regular web site visitors, such as Bob Johnson in Manitou Springs, compared Martha to politicians who say stupid things. "I don't get it. Shouldn't your Hair Consultant be focused on helping you with your hair? She has no business talking about our town. Tell me, has she even visited here?" asked the regular patron of Spice of Life Cafe.

The sad truth of the matter is Hair Consultant Martha has never visited Manitou Springs in her life, and has declined repeated invitations (many from Steve) to visit the scenic and mountainous area.

Nevertheless, Martha Remains Very Popular

Despite the reaction of many locals in Manitou Springs, Martha issued a press statment where she stood by her initial comment:

"You know my feelings. Plano (her residence) is a suburb of Dallas. We have our own mayor & police & fire dept & schools & everything is PLANO PLANO PLANO! We're still a suburb. I don't know how old Dallas is, but Plano is 100 years old as of this year! So, I'm sticking with my story ... if Plano is a suburb, Manitou is a suburb. Glad the former mayor thinks I'm nice! :)"

With Steve's penchant for hiring and firing Hair Consultants, many are speculating that Martha's controversial statement could be the "final straw" that leads to her dismissal. However, Steve has repeatedly denied such allegations.

"I'm sticking with Martha all the way. I am not firing her. It's just that simple. She can resign if she wants, but I ain't (firing her)." said Steve.

Pundits believe Steve is hesitant to fire Martha (who has openly stated that she does not care if she gets fired) because "he has the hots" for Martha after visiting her in Texas this fall.

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